Your Beautiful, New
Smile Starts Here

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Your Beautiful, New Smile Starts Here

Get The Smile You Want

Cosmetic dental treatment can give you the smile you want, but to achieve results that are beautiful and natural you need the right doctors and solutions for your unique concerns.

Serving the dental community for over 40 years

At Dental Care of Stamford we have all the specialists you need and have performed thousands of cosmetic procedures. No matter what your smile challenges are we have the expertise to create the outstanding results you deserve.

We look forward to showing you what we can do for you. For more information please call us today at (203) 324-6171 or request a free consultation.

Solutions For Common Cosmetic Problems

Whitening teeth can make a dramatic difference. If your teeth are basically healthy, straight and shaped nicely, professional bleaching is the way to go.

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Porcelain veneers and crowns are an exceedingly effective solution to a wide variety of common smile problems.

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Many adults want to have a nice, straight smile but really don’t like the idea of having braces for years.

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Transform Your Smile

Whatever your smile looks like now, you can still transform it into a perfect & healthy smile! Just look at these examples. All these cases are actual Dental Care of Stamford patients performed at our office.

See Yourself With a
Brand New Smile!

Want to know how you would look with a new smile? Our specialists will analyze your teeth, lips and facial structure so that we can suggest options that will give you a great and natural looking smile. Then, using our state-of-the-art imaging software we can actually show you how your new smile will look! All we need is a picture of you!