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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Valentine’s Day at Dental Care: A Great Place to Work!

When you think of your dream job, what do you picture?
It’s safe to say, we would all like to work at a place where our coworkers are like family, our bosses are amazing and we get potluck lunches on Valentine’s Day! Who wouldn’t appreciate that?! This past Valentine’s Day, Dental Care shared memories of their Potluck Valentine’s Day. And as a team, they wore red to show their Valentine’s Day Spirit— even management joined in!

Dental Care is a great place to work! All employees are treated as important contributors to the success of the company and are shown constant appreciation for the hard work they do. The Dental Care staff are diligent in the care of their patients and making a difference, so they like to celebrate with some fun and exciting holiday cheer! Dental Care supports employee growth, encourages continuous learning and listens to employee’s needs. Sound good, right? Dental Care is looking for full-time team members who bring a track record of success in making people happy!