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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Testimonials from Dental Professionals


“Dental Care of Stamford, founded by Dr. Jerry Simon, is a unique dental office modeled on the world renown medical facility, The Mayo Clinic. The idea is to bring highly trained general dentists and all of the dental specialists into one office with every creature comfort from a real masseuse, paraffin wax hand treatments, TV’s and headphones in every room, open 6 days a week as early as 7 am to as late as 8 pm so that the patient can receive the very best level of care that is available. Dr. Simon is a nation wide respected dentist who has patented dental devices to treat head, neck or facial pain, has written several books, and lectures internationally on cosmetic and bite treatment.”

–Dr. Debra Gray King

intro_clip_image002_0000Dr. Debra Gray King is an Accredited Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, recognized as the highest level of competency in cosmetic dentistry. She and her world-renowned cosmetic dentistry practice in Atlanta, Georgia have been featured in Glamour, Vogue, USA Today, Fox News, CNN and Extreme Makeover.


“Dr. Jerry Simon and his team will provide excellent dental care for your entire family. With leading treatments for everything from cosmetic and general dentistry to advanced care for headaches you will find a great dental home.”

–Dr. Bill Dorfman

intro_clip_image003Dr. Bill Dorfman is the cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, California who is responsible for creating the smiles of many of Hollywood’s brightest stars and also the inventor of numerous dental products. He is the featured dentist on ABC’s hit show Extreme Makeover and author of the NY Times Bestseller Billion Dollar Smile


“Dr. Simon and his team are uniquely qualified to handle the most simple to the most complex of dental problems. Rarely do you find a dentist who is as passionate and capable to deliver quality care.”

–Steve Anderson

intro_clip_image004Steven J. Anderson is the co-founder of the Crown Council, an association of over 1,000 leading dental practices, Total Patient Service Institute, Smiles for Life, and also founder and President of Keystone Dental Management with offices throughout the Dallas Metroplex, including Addison, Carrollton, Lewisville and Plano Texas.


“Dr. Jerry Simon is one of the most accomplished dentists in the country, and he is especially recognized for his expertise in the area of TMJ pain and headaches. Dr. Simon diligently contributes to many areas of dentistry through his involvement in various organizations such as the Crown Council, and he is a perpetual student continually learning new techniques and procedures. His practice, Dental Care of Stamford, is a culmination of many years of dedication to high quality dentistry. With a pediatric practice located within, Dental Care of Stamford can be a practice for the entire family. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Jerry Simon for any dental need you may have from TMJ pain to cosmetic smile design.”

–Dr. Dennis Wells

intro_clip_image002_0005Dr. Dennis Wells is the Nashville cosmetic dentist for many celebrities, entertainers, and musicians. He is an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist and Examiner with the AACD, developer of the innovative Durathin Veneers, and was featured on ABC’s hit show, ”Extreme Makeover.


“Dr. Simon is internationally known for his work with headaches and TMJ Treatment. Dental Care of Stamford delivers the ultimate in quality dentistry for their patient’s throughout Connecticut.”

–Dr. Ed White

intro_clip_image002_0006Dr. Edward White has been a successful family and cosmetic dentist since 1983. He is known and respected for his work with missions and giving back through charitable organizations such as Crown Council and the Smiles for Life Foundation. Dr. White operates 3 leading dental practices in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania— Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, and Leola Dental Associates.


“Dr. Simon is a true pioneer in the field of dentistry. He is known throughout the United States as the leader in myofacial pain management and treatment. His invention, the Best-Bite Discluder(tm), is revolutionary.”

–Dr. Rick Workman

intro_clip_image002_0007Dr. Rick Workman is CEO of Heartland Dental Care, one of the most respected and successful companies in dentistry, with over 200 hometown dental practices and employing over 1,750 employees in 12 states, including Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia.


“Dr. Simon is a respected authority on headaches and tempromandibular joint pain. He writes and lectures extensively on the topic. Dr. Simon is a highly skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist that delivers consistent, high quality care.”

–Dr. Wayne Mortenson

intro_clip_image002_0008Dr. Wayne Mortenson has maintained an innovative and successful dental practice for 30 years and is very active in many dental and community organizations. He is the founder of Mortenson Family Dental, a progressive family of Louisville, Kentucky dentists presently with seventeen locations throughout the area.


“Dr. Jerry Simon is certainly among the most skilful and gifted dentists that I have been acquainted with during my forty plus years in dentistry. Dr. Simon and his team are prepared to serve any or all of your dental needs with the quality and respect you desire and deserve. Whether your dental needs are complex or simple, this is an outstanding office for excellence.”

–Dr. Roy Hammond

intro_clip_image002_0009Dr. Roy Hammond has been a successful restorative dentist in Provo, Utah since 1967. He retired from active practice in 2004. Dr. Hammond has been honored with numerous awards for his humanitarian outreach and dental mission trips to third world countries around the globe and is the founder of Smiles for Hope Foundation. He is also the founder of Learning Curves, a cross-country motorcycle dental continuing education company


“Dr. Simon is truly an innovator and has a tremendous reputation for helping patients with head and neck pain that is related often to their unbalanced bite. His simple and conservative appliance can often help his patients feel better and even obtain significant relief in just minutes. Dr. Simon and his team run a first class operation in Stamford you won’t be disappointed.”

—Dr. Jeff Gray

intro_clip_image002_0010Dr. Jeff Gray was one of the first dentists in the U.S. to use sedation dentistry and also one of the first to become Invisalign certified. He is a clinical instructor for the prestigious Kois Center, is involved in many charitable and community activities and maintains a successful San Diego cosmetic dentistry practice.


“Dr. Jerry Simon is a nationally respected expert in dentistry. I know him personally and have seen his work. He is as qualified as anyone I know to handle even the most complex dental situations. You will not find a more respected dentist in the Stamford, Connecticut area.”

–Dr. Chris Hammond

intro_clip_image002_0011Dr. Chris Hammond is one of the most sought after dentists in Utah, who operates a Provo cosmetic and family dentistry practice considered one of the top 1% of offices nationwide. He has recently been recognized as “Young Dentist of the Year” and has been voted by his peers as one of the “Best Dentists in America.”