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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Laser Cavity Detection: Diagnodent


Welcome to a new era in dental diagnosis and high tech: Laser Fluorescence “Microdentistry” Caries Detection

navigation-diagnodent-classic Introducing a new tool at Dental Care of Stamford to help us detect the invisible….. and find cavities that lie beneath the surface. The Diagnodent is a laser that allows us to detect dental caries (decay) at the earliest possible stage so the most appropriate treatment can be designed for you. More accuracy — less guesswork.

Cavities have changed…With the fluoridation of water and improved oral hygiene standards the nature of caries has changed. Harder and more resistant enamel can conceal aggressive sub-surface decay.

Leaders in the field of caries  research agree: conventional methods of caries diagnosis alone are inadequate and outdated for modern dentistry.

  • Manual probing with an explorer is often an ineffective means to detect caries as the enamel defect may be too small or inaccessible to the explorer tip.
  • Bitewing x-rays although effective in revealing advanced stages of decay, are unsuccessful in detecting early caries, especially in the complex anatomy of fissure areas.
  • Because 80% of caries occur in the occlusal (biting surface) anatomy it can remain virtually undetected with traditional diagnostic methods until significantly developed.

The Diagnodent is a reliable, non-invasive supplement to the contemporary dentist’s arsenal of diagnostic procedures and is highly effective in detecting caries at an early stage where teeth are most vulnerable.

Measurements from Diagnodent, together with conventional diagnostic tools and valuable professional judgment, will help determine whether to monitor suspect areas over time and treat them with preventive therapy such as fluoride and sealants, or to restore them with minimally invasive techniques.

Dental pick can't get to decay
Dental pick can’t get to decay and won’t be able to until the cavity is larger.
The Diagnodent diagnostic laser can get to the decay area.
The Diagnodent diagnostic laser can get to the decay area.


Benefits of Diagnodent

Diagnodent is the exciting result of years of research by leading dentists and scientists at universities in Switzerland, Scotland and Germany.

  • Sensitive – Detects early cavities or sub surface lesions that are undiagnosed by conventional examination methods
  • Conservative – Avoids exploratory opening of suspect teeth. Eliminates unnecessary preparation while facilitating the use of micro-dentistry.
  • Confidence – Improves dentist and patient confidence about treatment decisions
  • Sage – Uses light energy (no x-ray exposure), no danger posed to patient, dentist or staff
  • Quantifiable – Precise, reliable measurement that can monitor caries activity over time.