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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Dental Care Celebrates their Dental Assistants and Sterilization Team!

Dental Care recognizes the hard work of all their dental assistant and sterilization team! In honor of National Dental Assistant Recognition Week (Mar 4-10), Dental Care celebrates their staff all week long. “Thank yous” may not always get said, especially during the busy, back to back, days but your assistance is very appreciated. Your help in enhancing the lives of our patient does not go unnoticed.

Dental Care Staff nominated 8 members of our dental assistant’s team and sterilization team to shine in a Spotlight Recognition. The following staff members go the extra mile to ensure our patients are comfortable and their experience is personalized:[/fusion_text]


Dental Care of Stamford recognizes Dental Assistant Leanne for her Positive Attitude! Leanne is always super cooperative, stays late when asked and always learning new things. She constantly has a positive attitude even on long busy days! She never waits to be asked to assist, she is quick to cover when it is needed and she won’t leave until everything is completed. Leanne always has a great attitude and her co-workers enjoy working with her! THANK YOU, LEANNE!


Dental Care Orthodontics recognizes sterilization team member Axel for his “Always There” Team Attitude! He is someone we can always count on to be there! He assists as much as he can, goes above and beyond without being asked and is always willing to cover shifts without hesitation! Axel works hard and always has a great attitude! He makes sure each room is thoroughly cleaned and reset for each new patient. Axel is a very important person to the dental care team! THANK YOU, AXEL!


Dental Care Kids recognizes Dental Assistant Ana for her Ambition! She is inspired to continue to learn new skills, techniques, and responsibilities. Not only is she excited to take on new tasks she makes sure previous tasks and skills are perfected before moving on to the next one. Her patience and thoroughness are great for assisting patients. She keeps them calm and relaxed while the doctors are working. We enjoy having Ana on our team. THANK YOU, ANA!


Dental Care Orthodontics recognizes Dental Assistant Miguel for his dedication to our patients! Miguel is a hard working dental assistant. When everyone has left for the day and Miguel is on his way out if a patient calls with an emergency he has no problem staying late to make sure our patients are well taken care of. Miguel takes the time to say hi to everyone and also gets to know you when you are new. Dental Care values his efforts! THANK YOU, MIGUEL!

Dental Care of Stamford recognizes dental assistant Maria for an “Always with a Smile” Attitude! Her main priority is keeping patients happy and healthy. Maria never hesitates to step in to assist and her willingness to stay late with her doctors is always appreciated. Her Always Smiling Attitude makes everyone in the office happy to work with her. Maria is a very important team member of Dental Care! THANK YOU, MARIA!


Dental Care Orthodontics recognizes Dental Assistant Pat for his hard-working attitude! He is eager to help new employees learn the routine and answer any question they may have. Pat is the one we call to help out in any difficult situation because he is always willing to help no matter what it is. He has a great attitude all the time, his co-workers and patients love to have around because he can make anyone smile! Pat is a very valuable team member of Dental Care! THANK YOU, PAT!


Dental Care Kids recognizes Dental Assistant Vilma for her outstanding Attitude! She is very dedicated, loyal and truly cares about her work, her coworkers, and patients. She goes above and beyond to train other assistants, to help others and make Dental Care Kids the best that it can be! We are lucky to have Vilma on our Dental Care team. THANK YOU, VILMA!


Dental Care Kids recognizes sterilization team member Valeria for her ability to make Dental Care Kids feel welcoming and fun! The decorations she puts up for every holiday makes for a cheerful environment! Patients want to come here and staff want to be here. We value her hard work at Dental Care Kids! THANK YOU, VALERIA!