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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Cosmetic Smile Design: How To Have A Great Smile


Studies have consistently shown that when asked what feature is most significant in determining whether a person is considered to be attractive the face is listed first. And when asked what facial feature is most important, it is their smile that comes to the top of the list, with the nose coming in a distant second. Perhaps surprisingly, a survey of the subscribers of Muscle and Fitness Magazine revealed that the feature considered most important in determining a person’s attractiveness was not their biceps, but their smile.

Many people who feel that nature was not as generous as she could have been, or feel that age and time have dulled the luster of their smile have sought out cosmetic dental care to enhance their smile. The problem for many is that a great smile is something that you “know when you see it”, but for most people, it is not so easy to describe. And if you cannot determine what actually makes a great smile, you cannot achieve it.

What makes an attractive smile? Why are some smiles better and younger looking than others? Why are some people’s smiles considered radiantly beautiful while other’s are just average? While “Mother Nature” gifted some people with great smiles, many are left wishing that they hadn’t been overlooked.

This Smile Design Report will help you better understand why some people have a great smile while others do not. It will help you analyze the state of your own smile, and will show you the principles of smile design used and taught by world class cosmetic dentists like Dr. Jerry Simon and Dr. Evelina Dragneva.

There is both a science and an art to creating and restoring attractive smiles. Whether it is whiter teeth, fixing crooked teeth with “instant orthodontics”, replacing unattractive dark fillings, or restoring an aged worn out smile and taking 10 years off your face – modern dentistry can quickly and easily give you the perfect smile that exudes confidence and will let your true personality shine. In fact, when new dental materials, techniques and modern smile design principles are combined and used you can be assured that your smile will be extraordinarily radiant and your dental health outstanding.

When these basic rules of Smile Design and Golden Proportion are broken, whether by nature, yourself, or your dentist, your smile and confidence can be seriously compromised. When followed, you can enjoy a radiant smile with all the confidence, natural attraction and peace-of-mind that goes with it.

Although everyone talks about ‘whitening teeth’, having a pretty smile goes way beyond whiter teeth. Size, shape, alignment and proportion, (or what the Greeks called the “Golden Proportion”) are also important parameters of beauty. In fact, the Golden Proportion is in nature itself. Designers have followed these principles in designing cars, furniture, building, and clothing. When rules of good proportion are followed the result is something that is naturally attractive and pleasing to the eye! This is the one grand secret to exquisite smile design and to having an attractive smile. Attractive smiles are attractive because they follow these mathematical rules of nature to create harmony, symmetry, and proportion.

This principle of the Golden Proportion has been known since the time of the Ancient Greeks, and has been rediscovered, described and studied by many famous people who studied it and applied it in their own fields. Artists like Leonardo 1490; Dürer, 1528; and Ghyka 1964 have applied these principles in their work.

Huntley, a modern mathematician, wrote an informative book called The Divine Proportion, the whole of which was devoted to the study of the Golden Proportion. The cover features a Golden Proportion spiral built on a triangle. La Corbusier, the highly acclaimed Parisian architect, developed a scale for architecture, the “modular”, which is based on the golden sections of the human body. His famous buildings were all based on the Golden Proportion. His book “La Modular” has been reprinted numerous times.

It was known that Bela Bartok (1881-1945) used secret methods in his musical compositions. In a book written and researched by Lendavi it was revealed that he used the principles of the Golden Proportion extensively in his compositions.

Scientists, (Thompson, 1952; Coxeter, 1961 Gyorgi Doczi , Hambridge 1921; ) , philosophers (Koestler, 1962) ; psychologists, (Benyafield & Adams, 1976); plastic surgeons Kawakami (The Annals of Plastic Surgery 1989 include a fascinating study by Kawakami et al who investigated the Golden Proportion balance between eyes, nose and mouth in the facial appearance) and cosmetic dentists have successfully applied these principles to their work.

As you review this information, get a mirror and compare your smile with the examples shown. This is an easy way to take the mystery out of “what’s wrong with my smile?” By using these principles it will help you know what we can do to design and create the right smile for you, one that will let your true personality and character come out.

The photograph below illustrates many examples of applying the principles of the science of the Golden Proportion to cosmetic dentistry. While space does not permit a complete analysis we are sure that you will be able to learn a great deal about whether your smile measures up and if not, what you can start to do about it.

golden-proportionNotice how the biting edges are level with the front teeth a little longer than the side teeth creating a youthful vibrant smile. Notice that the gum line is parallel to the upper lip and reveals just the biting edge of the teeth without excessive display of gum tissue.

Notice the proportion of the front teeth are in the golden proportion ratio so that the front teeth are in balance with the side teeth. Notice that the height to width ratio of the front teeth makes them look balanced and not too short and square or too long and “bucky”.

We encourage you to think seriously about the benefits to health, spirit and mind that come from the confidence of having a radiant smile, a balanced bite, and healthy strong teeth. You are always welcome to visit with us at this website or come to the office for consultation if you have questions or concerns about your smile or your dental health, or if you want to put together a plan to begin making improvements along the way. In the meantime, you may benefit by looking around our website to help you better understand how you can benefit from modern dentistry.