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Sebo Marketing March 21st, 2022

Accelerated Healing After Dental Surgery


Dental surgery, whether it is on your gums or to remove a tooth, is elective surgery and we want your body to heal as rapidly as possible. In order for that to happen we suggest that you take advantage of the healing power of vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, and natural healing aids. For accelerated healing, you need to have the proper building blocks and reduce the bodies natural, but unproductive, inflammatory response.

For eating, we recommend, at least at first, a soft diet that is rich in vitamins, protiens, and minerals. Each person knows their body best so use these recommendations as a guide. Resist the temptation to eat soft junk foods. Sweetened yourget, as an example, has more sugar than anything else, but plain unflavored yourget is a good food. You can make a shake in a blender with vegetable or fruit juice, and a couple of scoops of a soy protein powder mix. Scrambled eggs or egg beaters also go down easily.

These vitamins and natural healing aids are readily available in health food stores and vitamin departments of various markets, as well as over the Internet.


Vitamins and Minerals Suggested

Vitamins & Minerals Amount / Frequency
Vitamin C timed release capsules (500) mg Take two capsules three times a day
Vitamin B complex (50 mg B1) Take one capsule twice a day
Vitamin E (200 mg) Take two capsules three times a day
Zinc (50 mg) Take one pill twice a day
Magnesium (200 mg) Take one pill twice a day
Arnica (homeopathic remedy) Dissolve two pills under tongue 4-6 X a day
Bromelain 500 mg (natural enzymes from pineapple) Take one pill twice a day
Curcumin 400-600 mg (natural anti-inflammatory from curry) Take one pill 3X a day
Mobic 7.5 mg (combination of Cox I & II non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drug.) This is a very good anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Mobic cannot be taken by anyone who cannot take over the counter Advil type drugs. Mobic is taken two pills the night before surgery, two hours before surgery, and before bed the day of surgery. Start vitamins/minerals one week before surgery and the other healing products the day before surgery. Stop immediately if any unusual response occurs and call our office.


You will be given a traditional narcotic pain reliever after the surgery, but we recommend this more natural healing approach to manage your post-operative comfort and healing.

We want you to be comfortable and heal as rapidly as possible. For discomfort that persists the next day or beyond, we recommend prescription strength Advil (Ibubrophin) 800 mg taken up to four times a day if needed. If discomfort persists or you have any concerns please call the office (203) 324-6171. We are here to help.